Going Above & Beyond Since 1996


Safe and Sound’s experience in production continues to secure a host of international contacts, all of whom respect their professionalism and standards.
Using tact and diplomacy, discipline and flexibility the Safe and Sound Tour Management team have excellent relationships with management companies, agents, artists and national and international media companies.
Safe and Sound have production experience in all facets of the music and television industry and have resources to source rare equipment, organise technical checks, sound crew and all other production requirements.
Safe and sound can help take the headache away for you just contact our team.
Media Relations
Safe and sound can provide discreet media relations and crises management support for artists. Any issue or promotion will be handled professionally by our team of consultants who have a wealth of experience in working with high profile personalities across all media sectors TV, Radio and National newspapers.
Our Media team can manage and organise National or regional tours and have invaluable contacts and connections at every level within every media sector. Making it possible to organize everything from press interviews to auto-biography’s.
Event Management
Whether it be an Award ceremony, Christmas party, Summer fun day, Product launch, Wedding, Team building day, Conference, Exhibition or Black tie ball, Safe and sounds team can manage everything from theme to production and clear up.
Site Infrastructure
Infrastructure Management - Allow us to bring you up-to-date solutions for all your event infrastructure & production needs from Toilets, Lasers, Sound systems, Funfairs, Fencing and even temporary roadways.

Location Cars & Film Set Security

Years of experience in the music and film industries Safe & Sound fully appreciate the demands of the film/video shoots and take pride in arranging transportation for artists, producers and directors, alongside providing transportation for film crew, sound and camera crews.

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