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Event & Personal Security

Personal security issues remain high on the agenda at Safe and Sound. Your artist will receive exemplary care from our top-class, non-intrusive but vigilant, personal protection officers.

From huge arena tours and road-shows to radio campaigns or in-store promotions, Safe and Sound continue to tick all the boxes when caring for and protecting your artists, using former British forces and high ranking ex-police officers in our workforce.

Health and Safety

Safety Advisory Groups, The Licensing Act 2003, Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS section 15), Temporary Event Notice (Tenís part 5 & section 98), Personal License Holder (part 6 & section 111; organising an event today is a round of meetings, interpretation and negotiations with every one from the emergency services to the local authority and other interested parties; let Safe and sound help you with years of experience of licensing events and a reputation for excellence, Safe and sounds team can assist in everything from safety and pre-planning to day to day management and liaison with emergency services.
The Private Security Industry Act 2001 and the SIA (Security Industry Authority) exist to manage the licensing of the private security industry, Safe and sound can help you in your obligations to this act when pre-planning your event; we can advise and procure services to protect your artists, VIPs, employees, guests and the crowd.
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (the Noise Regulations 2005), the Work at Heights Regulations 2005,Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 let us help you!
Safe and Sound also run close protection, unarmed combat and SIA courses up to level 3, which are delivered by ex-special forces personnel. First Aid courses also available.
All Safe and sound staff are trained to SIA Level 3

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